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Hello my dear friend!
Are you here recently? Hard to figure out where to start? Or maybe you just had trouble installing?
Don’t worry, we will help you!

To begin with, the best solution, in my opinion, would be to get to know you, for this, let's register or log in to your account. We support fast login through many social networks, so this stage will not take much time.
Our team can be found on this tab.

Well, now that we have met, I would like to suggest you start with P3DHack Free, for this you need:

  • Make sure that the 2017 Visual C ++ Runtime is installed, without it nothing will work
    You can download and install at this link
  • Now is the time to downloade P3DHack Free
  • Open Steam - Library - Games - Payday2 - Right-click on Properties
    Local Files - View Local Files
  • In this folder you need to move IPHLPAPI.dll and the mods folder from the downloaded P3DHack Free archive
  • All is ready? Then run the game
  • Let's press F11 to make sure everything works.
    Happened? So you're on the right track, but let's turn on another language, if necessary.
  • Press F11 again and the menu will disappear.
  • In the main menu will be P3DHack Menu, and here we need to go now!
    Further P3DHack Config, here you can change the language and basic settings.
  • You can return here at any time, so for starters we will only change the language to the one that you like most.
    After that click on Save and Reload
  • Now let's hit F11 again and check if everything worked out with us
  • Yes, everything is fine, F11 is the help menu, here you can quickly find out all the necessary information, this menu works wherever you are. In the main menu? On a heist? This menu will not let you down in difficult times!
  • Congratulations, you did it! Welcome to our team!



Do you have any questions?

Let’s look at the answers that we have collected in this topic:



Everything worked out? And now enjoy using?

Great, then you can give feedback P3DHack Free

In the near future, we will look and approve it, if you still have questions, it is better to go to the support sector, in the reviews, unfortunately, we will not be able to help you quickly solve the problem.



Want to suggest an idea or give advice on how to make P3DHack even better?

We would be glad to hear them in this topic



Would like more comfort and features? Or just support us?

Then I would advise you to pay attention to the Premium version, here we have detailed about it


If you have any problems or questions, then I am waiting for you here.
And most importantly, thanks for using P3DHack, the new update is coming soon, don’t miss it!

Best wishes, @The3DReaL!

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