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  1. P3DUnlocker and X-Ray

    Don't install P3DUnlocker and X-Ray with P3DHack together, it is already included in P3DHack!
    First of all, be sure to install the 2017 Visual C ++ Runtime otherwise the game will crash on startup.
    Download and install Delete mods folder and IPHLPAPI.dll Download and unzip archive Copy WSOCK32.dll and mods in the PAYDAY 2 Game Directory, removing old mods folder and IPHLPAPI.dll Run Payday 2 and go to Options - Mod options - P3DUnlocker and X-Ray Config for changing the language or enabling DLC,Skin Unlocker or Armor unlocker Open Options - Mod Keybinds to set hotkey for X-Ray Vision Toggle
      Have questions or difficulties?
    Looking forward to respond in support sector!
    Support Sector For using items fromDLC that you did not purchase, you will get a cheater tag.
    In P3DHack Premium, you can bypass the cheater tag for using DLC  


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