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  1. [Mod Only] P3DHack Premium

    If you have a problem with auto-update or for some reason only need a mod, then we have added this file especially for you.

    The file with saving keybinds settings and everything else is only in the full archive.
    How to install and everything else you can find on this page:
    What do you get:
    Complete and up-to-date P3DHack Premium Auto update to the latest version Limitations:
    Only mod to be placed in Payday 2/mods/ You will have to assign buttons and basic settings yourself No more support, then rely only on yourself, do not even rely on any support after downloading Once again, no any support, especially questions about why Premium doesn't work. It works great, and for your stupid question you will get an insulting group, but do you need it? And if you want to become our favorite client and support the project, then:
    P3DHack Premium P3DHack Premium Rent P3DHack Comfort P3DHack Comfort Rent And don't waste the opportunity, invite your friends!
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