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  5. Police Hotline: Report a Criminal Report Shots Fired Report Explosion Report a MONSTER!
  6. What else can we offer for you? Fully working NoClip F1: Speed hack High Jump F2: Infinite Ammo With Reload Long Melee Range Very Fast Melee Charge Time Very Fast Meeleeing F4: Auto Answer All Phones Reboard Lasers do not activate alarm F6: Secure Loot Menu x25 Secure Loot Menu x50 Now you can raise the level even faster F9: Hided contracts F10: Unlock all tiers Updated code for free function Constant and timely updates Quality and prompt support from the administration
  7. Analog of familiar functions: Ride player aka Piggyback / Friendly Face Turret - RIDE YOUR PEASANTS INTO BATTLE! Police Hotline - "I would like to report a crime... I'm one of the criminals but that's not important..." Safe Simulator Loot Card Spoofer v2 - Spoofs your loot drop in multiplayer to always be a random safe Dynamic Keybinds in Help Menu Secret Skills Name spoofer Skin Unlocker v4: Fully updated and optimized Uninterrupted Steam Inventory (Have all skins and manage your real items) Blocked accidentally clicking Sell Item on cheated skins
  8. Как бессмертие, но менее заметное. Например, вы не умрёте от критического выстрела, а ваше здоровье будет на самом минимуме. Лучше попробовать, чем объяснить)
  9. в новой версии появился рядом с бессмертием и огнем по своим новая вкладка "buddha mode" так и не понял,что она делает. хелп
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  11. Own technologies and solutions: VR: VR Supporting - Who else can offer you this? AIM Bot and Autoshoot: You can customize each for yourself Who else can offer you two solutions at once, which are very different from each other? Crime Spree Boost: Raise your Crime Spree level with ease Crash other players: You can crash other players You will get protection from any troll crashes Anti Stop The Cheater: You get 100% protection from Stop The Cheater The effect that will be applied to you will be returned to the sender You can freeze other players Just go to F8 You can choose what mods you want to hide: Only P3DHack Premium All mods Or deactivate this function Completely updated functionality for the preparation of meth: MethHelper - a completely updated advisor for the preparation of meth Works even in offline mode Removes the yellow-blue effect near the plate You can also choose for whom to display tips, for all or just for yourself Waypoints - You definitely won’t get confused where exactly to add the ingredients Displays the icon where you need to add the ingredient Also displays distance for it Fast Cooker - Cook meth at maximum speed Auto Cooker - Go about your business when our Auto Cooker is cooking Hud Functions: Convenient and stylish crossfire Fast Scroll settings menu You can hide P3DHack Menu in main Menu You can hide all P3DHac text Hide Functions: Hide Smoke Hide Payday Logo Hide Pattern Hide Particles Skip Functions: Skip videos Skip Press any key Drop in pause remove Allows you to skip End screen Auto Pick Card RSS settings: Fully configure or turn off RSS Something else? Rave hostage Activate Triggers: You should try this and this will be your favorite functions! But more on that later
  12. Our features: Professional and operational support that will help solve your problems in the shortest possible time Beautiful menus User-friendly settings menus right in the game Automatic activation of functions Huge functionality. We can offer you more than our competitors Unique solutions, functions and technologies Better every day! Our updates will bring even more comfort and convenience than before. Maybe we missed something, but look how much awaits you inside
  13. What will be added soon: New Kill All: No Pagers upon killing [Host/Client] Ignore Tied Hostages You can break cameras, even protected Added mention of the cheater tag in No Bag Bodies No Bag Bodies [Host/Client] F8: Revised Design Receive 50% Damage will be fully fixed and reworked New equipment spawn Mess With Other Players: Added Receive 50% Damage Troll Individual Players: Troll Your Name We did a great job for this menu, and you'd better see this result than to hear, how ingeniously we did it! Revised Design If you are a host, it will open Mess With Self This is very convenient, since we have also updated Mess With Self menu Troll Other Player: Receive 50% Damage Local fixes in Slap Player Revised Design New equipment spawn Added mention of the cheater tag in equipment spawn Spawn Invenory Items (on development stage) Mess With Self: Revised Design New equipment spawn Added mention of the cheater tag in equipment spawn Activate Triggers: 19 new and fully operational triggers. (on development stage) We had some difficulties with the design and localization, but the triggers are fully working Troll World: Car Mod (on development stage)
  14. In this case you will get tag
  15. Is it possible to keep the skins and DLC Weapons when removing Unlocker?
  16. For the use of not purchased DLC you will receive a tag, as soon as you stop using Unlocker - the tag will disappear
  17. Hey guys, i wan´t to use all DLC´s and Skin´s. But I don´t want to have the cheater tag. Are there any solutions?
  18. Crime Spree Modifer. 'nough said.
  19. Yes. P3DHack Free hide all your mods.
  20. Is it working for the free version?
  21. в 16-17 годах где-то
  22. Тогда какой смысл их открывать, чтобы переименовать их самому?)
  23. ну просто почему бы и нет, тем более можно зайти в mod.txt и изменить там название мода тоесть никто не узнает что ты читер но да есть такие моды которые палят то что ты читер но что будит если изменить название мода он все равно будит палить?
  24. Могли бы сказать хотя бы год, чтобы мы могли посмотреть и сказать, была ли такая функция или нет, но после обновления этого меню этим летом функций только стало больше.
  25. Added balance, try again. And use this solution
  26. If there is a new update i can retry but if it's still the same i will take the 14 $ on paypal. Ty for all your help
    Too good for free pd2 cheats
  27. Спасибо за ответ. Не понял на счет скрытых. Как я помню, раньше, если через главное меню F10-перки-"что-то еще" не просто разблокировались, но активировались они все(капо, силовик, оружейник, шпион, киллер и т.д.). Я точно помню, что это было не на премиум версии и не пару месяцев назад, а в обычной и пару лет назад. Это давало нехилую прибавку к броне и увороту
  28. Мы пару месяцев назад только добавили в P3DHack Premium скрытые перки, которые как раз активирует все скрытые перки.
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