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  5. Best Mod menu for fun and using it to have fun 10/10 and 5 stars who ever made this is a very smart person. 10/10 no problems with using.
  6. After installing the cheat, Steam inventory stopped working and kicked out of the game
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  8. Raror

    P3DHack Free

    The game does not work for the cheat for updates with lefs 3.2
  9. 0xz

    Can't open menu

    Yeah I realised the keybinds aren't set by default, I had to remap them, thanks
  10. -- Thread Closed -- reason: Inactivity and spambots trying to post in this specific thread.
  11. first of all, make sure you installed P3DHack free and not "P3DHack Trial". the default bindings are set in the keyboard function keys, shortened as "f1 to f25", if you want to use the numpad keys then you have to set them in the blt mod settings menu.
  12. I installed p3dhack free and I can change the settings in-game but I can't open any menus using the keys and can't use any functions using numpad in game.
    dear author please help me i download microsoft 2017 and the mod menu the problem is the error it said aplication error 0xc0000124 please help me :[
  13. Yeah, i know that, but i thought the topic was for like disabling cheater tagged features so disabling the auto-kick function of the game ^^
  14. Hi. Do you have Discord. We current working on fixing this problem and need test to fix it.
  15. We currently don't have any Korean translators for the trainer, sorry about that. It may take a while.
  16. I'm Korean and I need Korean
  17. it is not possible, when the host kicks you, your connection to it is forcibly interrupted, then the game analyzes the packages received to get the conclusion to know if it was a ban, kick, connection loss due to internet data transfer issues or steam server issues, then pops up a message. as the connection is interrupted, you can't do anything to keep playing in the server, I tried this back in the pdth days, the only thing I could do was reconnect to the server, but since you were added to a blacklist, you receive no level package data from the server, so I end up crashing.
  18. No problem with unlocking achivments
  19. These are weapons for which you need to find secret boxes or other collectibles. When you turn on this Unlocker, you can use this weapon without that.
  20. Здравствуйте, пробовали Steam Achivment Manager? Или статистика не засчитывается в FBI Files в таком случае?
  21. Здравствуйте, ответил в лс.
  22. Здравствуйте. 1) Можете сразу вести 5-10 заложников, а не по одному. 2) Вроде бы, в бесплатной версии это доступно только вам. 3) Просто все боты будут обведены красным, будто при нажатии на охранника F
  23. Здравствуйте, после краша зайдите в игру и нажмите F11 - открыть крашлог и содержимое отправьте сюда.
  24. Multiplayer is not working or you get kicked when joining their lobbies? in case of being kicked, ask your friends to turn off the "auto kick cheaters" option when creating the lobby/lobby > server settings
  25. Как купить игру если в методах оплаты стоит только Виза/мастеркард rub, а я сам с Украины и другие методы кроме стима не подходят, а скинов нету...
  26. I use this hack,but I can't play with my friend or other players
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