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    Really enjoying it Thanks ! One question tho,can i unlock all achievments with this trainer ?
  5. Hi. You can modify your bots and done it in Crime net offline with bots
  6. would it be possible to make the unlocker work on weapon mods with challenges like for example the precision barrel on the broomstick pistol requires me to do a heist with 4 teammates that have all masks from the gage historical dlc and i dont have 4 players willing to do this. so please it would be very nice if you would add a feature that has the description i put
  7. Здравствуйте, P3DHack Menu - P3DHack Config и измените все, что необходимо
  8. Как убрать автовыбор карточки в конце ограбления?
  9. So i got the mods and all that but when i open the game its fine everything works but when i start a heist my game instantly crashes. I have all the things installed for it to work yet still crashes. I also checked my crash log it says "application has crashed: access violation." so i need help please
  10. Nvm =)) im soo f**king dumb
  11. At this moment only in Premium
  12. omg crime spree please
  13. Этот файл от старых версий чита или модов, если его нет, то просто пропустите этот пункт
  14. Hi. Do you see text in main menu?
  15. Hi. Sorry for delay. Just install it
  16. Just coppy mods/saves/blt_data.txt in your Payday 2/mods/saves/ folder. Now all settings right in game
  17. Anti-crash is already included in P3DHack Premium, but we already planned to add a message if they want to crash you. We will implement this in the near future
  18. When I installed wolf hud with p3dhack the game not work can you plz help
  19. i have seen that fuction in some "Anti-crash mods" that prevent your game from crashing from other players, but they also write in chat, who wanted to crash you. i suggest to add that function in p3dhack premium.
  20. My menu also wouldn't open after a fresh install because none of the keybinds were working. I had to manually set all P3D keybinds myself in the Keybinds menu. And there's no "Config_(P3DGroup).lua" file anymore like it says in the How to Edit a Configuration File topic:
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