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  3. Виновата ваша невнимательность. На странице загрузки сказано, что нужно установить фикс для WolfHud
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  5. Вылетает при установленом моде Wolfhud, хотя на github'е написано что подерживает SuperBLT.Что делать?Искать другой hud?Виноват Wolfhud или P3DHack?
  6. Из-за Xray, сегодня обновим, пока не используйте его
  7. Сегодня обновим P3DHack
  8. Application has crashed: C++ exception mods\P3DHack Free\P3DHack\Button\Keyboard\XRay.luac:0: attempt to index a nil value @mods\P3DHack Free\P3DHack\Button\Keyboard\XRay.luac
  9. У меня тоже, захожу игру, гружу карту, поиграю минутку и вылетает, и так всегда, кроме чита модов больше нету
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  11. Snuller

    P3DHack Free

    I'm only using P3D free mods
  12. The3DReaL

    P3DHack Free

    Do you have any mods?
  13. Snuller

    P3DHack Free

    I'm having some problems, playing with some friends, even though I own the room, and with the room cheat off my game closes on its own, any idea what it might be?
  14. Я посмотрел через крашлог и вижу: Application has crashed: access violation Как решить эту проблему? Crashlog.lnk
  15. For example, none of the players sees you, like NPCs, and everyone just ignores you, but you can do all the actions like an ordinary player (poltergeist is already more) This could be added to the Troll Menu.
  16. Look, As for the Onetap-tester of the cheat (Crack), not the original one. But since this person no longer makes the cracks, I can no longer work with him. I checked for crashes and possible bugs, such as crashes when using SkinChanger and the like. Cheat tester-We closed a long time ago, due to frequent updates from PayDay 2, and deleted all the files that were associated with him, maybe my friend is not, but he didn’t throw them to me, We haven’t even talked to him since then. 3. Sent in English, because I didn’t know whether you were Russian or not, maybe the translator could not correctly translate everything that I wrote, or mix everything. 5. Yes, there are no such shortcomings now, except for the game’s adder, it’s just a little sad that almost all the functions that I wanted to get are in the premium version. And since I’m from a country where there are no Wallets, such as Qiwi, WebMoney, PayPal and the like, but I don’t have full 18, and I can’t get a map, I have to use only the free version.
  17. Tell your login or send a link to your profile on Onetap site. I will ask Lani or Llama about you. Say the name of the cheat on Payday where you were a tester. If this is some local solution, then send this cheat. Why leave a request in English if you are fluent in Russian? What disadvantages of P3DHack could you talk about right now? You have been registered here for quite some time. What is worth paying attention to in the latest version of P3DHack Free?
  18. Здравствуйте, на этой неделе будет обновление
  19. Абсолютно такая же проблема,в краше написано,что краш вызван xray-ем в чите.Хз что делать,мб фикс подвезут
  20. Run Payday 2 and go to Settings - Mod settings - P3DHack Config for changing the language or enabling DLC,Skin Unlocker or Armor unlocker
  21. Good evening. I think this can be fixed. It is necessary to rewrite the code for the platform 3.0 and the problem will disappear. I could send you a trial version when it is ready.
  22. На этой неделе исправим Xray и обновим P3DHack
  23. Играл 2 раза на разных контрактах и везде вылетало. Первый: Автосалон, Второй: Нефтяное дело. Прикрепляю логи crash.txt crash2.txt
    Лучший чит на PayDay 2
    фиксит проблемы,когда игра вылетает с читом,топ!
  24. Та же проблема с этим самым X-ray'ем
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