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  4. Hi. You can only use P3DHack Free, it includes the functions from P3DUnlocker.
  5. Hello friendly P3D users/P3D staff, so I was wondering, how do I use also the P3D Unlock and the P3D Free Cheat at the same time?
    This menu works very great, I've been using it for about a month now. And I must say, I've helped many friends and many randoms! Would recommend this menu to anyone, it's worth the 10 dollars!
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  7. Please follow the instructions. *link*
  8. How do you give other people a cheater tag?
  9. It gives a cheater tag for you.
  10. Yes but that could mean it gives you the cheater tag or gives you the cheater tag if you're the host or client.
  11. Does giving people ammo bags/trip mines and such give you a cheater tag or does it give them a cheater tag?
  12. Спасибо, отключил помогло.
  13. The3DReaL

    P3DHack Free

    Скачайте P3DHack Free и поместите файлы из архива в папку с игрой
  14. у меня нет ни папки mods, ни того .dll файла. Нужные компоненты уже установил. Какие варианты?
  15. Скрытые перки достаточно сильные баффы дают, поэтому могу боты вас и не пробивать, особенно, если нет негативных эффектов.
  16. Будда мод и безсмертие не включено. А вот скрытые навыки и перки да
  17. Good evening, I was very happy about this! You translate into French, after that you get Premium also we will add you in Staff page Already now you can download custom.json and start translating
  18. Hi, i made an account just to answer. I remember using this cheat years ago, and i'm happy that its still maintained! I can help with the french translation. What are the conditions for access to premium? you can add me on discord to talk more about it - voidshaman#5594 (idk if you have a discord ?) Hope i can get started soon!
  19. Здравствуйте, включены ли у вас эти пункты? Будда мод или бессмертие Скрытые навыки и перки
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  21. Здравствуйте. У меня возникла проблема что меня никак не могут убить или даже поцарапать противники. Хоть в центре у всех под обстрелом стой. Если я стою в огне то здоровье уменьшается. Из-за этого потерялся интерес играть по громкому. Что я мог такого натыкать в настройках?
  22. Good day. Let's try, waiting for your first video!
  23. Desired position in the team - Video Composer Do you have experience in this area? - Yes I do have experience in this area. I have a brand called Beyond Productions (pfp) and I post sport highlights and travel videos. If you want some examples follow the link - Tell a little about your professional qualities. I don't have any professions qualities but I do use a software called Final Cut Pro to edit my videos. What languages do you speak? - English only What should we pay attention to first and improve it? - To be completely honest I have a tendency to procrastinate on videos. I am working on that and it's getting better.
  24. I want to use custom skins and textures in game with this mod however I can't seem to get the mod_overrides folder to work in the assets file. how do I get it to work? Thanks Nevermind, I have fixed it
  25. You can get a cheater tag, but enough to not activate DLC and Skin Unlocker and everything will be fine. Better press F11
  26. xxiv

    Few Questions

    Okay thanks! So no ban but there is an constant server-side Cheater tag right? Okay thanks prob will go with premium.
  27. No any ban. Comfort and Premium are very different from each other. If you want maximum domination, then I recommend Premium. In any case, you can always switch from Comfort to Premium.
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