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  3. 9 days since Original Post and 7 days since reply from a staff member, no activity from OP. -- Thread Closed --
  4. well.. not much I can do with the information you are giving us, please upload your crash.txt file located in %localappdata%/payday 2/
  5. Yes, I have the 2017 MSVC installed like on the page and have restarted and tried reinstalling the hack, but the same error message pops up. I don't have the 2010 MSVC installed, but it is incompatible with the 2017 one.
  6. NVAPI is the game's nvidia driver integration, which gives an error if you don't have an nvidia GPU, that is not what causes the crash. make sure you did install the msvc listed in the download page and then restart your computer.
  7. We locked the options to encourage users to try out the paid versions. after months of planning and analysis, we decided that the options we left after the cuts were just enough for a Free product, unlike our older versions that had the options of a premium quality products for average trainers. if you really "miss" the old p3dhack, then go for P3DHack Classic which has all the features that Free had in the past.
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  9. I'm getting this error when I try to start the game. It displays these lines and then immediately crashes. My computer does not use an Nvidia GPU so that might be the problem.
  10. I wish you could bring back old P3DHack. Becuase almost every option is locked, i don't know why. Why did you do that. Please bring back old P3DHack and release some options. (you don't have to update p3dhack to the oldest version, just release some options for the free version and make the bag limit infinite.)
  11. the lifetime prices are high for all currencies, we are not going to lower them.
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  13. Low the price for the Poland Country, becuase it's really overpriced for Poland. Example: Comfort Lifetime is for 600 Polish Złoty. Can you please make it lower?
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  15. Название теперь заблокировано под платными версиями Trainer.
  16. Try changing the file properties and selecting Notepad as default program for json files. Windows 7 trends to be shit in terms of managing file extensions, try installing notepad++ if nothing works.
  17. Remember to activate P3DHack Free.
  18. the source of the problem is shown at the top of the console, in a aqua text. Probably due to wrong credentials, follow the install instructions.
  19. try reinstalling the .dll files from the zip file, add a Windows Defender detects it as a trojan due to its obfuscation, add an exception to it.
  20. Ive Downloaded payday 2 ran everything correctly installed all the vc redist versions removed all the proper things and everytime i click play it fucks up an gives me an unexpected error if anyone knows how to fix help me LOL
  21. Подождать не судьба? именно из за таких как ты её и прикрыли. Которые не могут ждать.
  22. When I look in the console it says nothing about the auth, and its just a whole bunch of errors for the hack help anyone?
  23. how to work with payday i install it but is not working
  24. So recently I tried P3DHack free, its awesome, so I wanted to try out the trial premium to see the the premium options in action. I verified payday 2 (deleted all p3dhack files) and did the right steps, but it kept saying "incorrect installation, do u need help" I dont know the fix, i tried this multiple times, and looked at other posts. Nothing Please help me, thanks. Pretty sure it's because i keep seeing alot of BLT errors in the console.
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